Focolare Movement

building a more united world

What is Focolare Movement?

Spiritual and social renewal

The Focolare Movement has the features of a large and varied family, of a “new people born of the Gospel”, as Chiara Lubich, its founder, defined it.  It is a movement of spiritual and social renewal.

The Focolare Movement, officially known as the Work of Mary, was approved by the Catholic Church in 1962. It is now present in 182 nations and more than 2 million people share closely in its life and work. It aims at spreading the message of unity worldwide. 

Promote brotherhood

Inspired by Jesus’ prayer to the Father, “May they all be one” (Jn 17:21), its goal is to promote brotherhood and to achieve a more united world in which people respect and value diversity. To achieve this goal, people of the Movement engage in various forms of dialogue and are committed to building bridges of fraternal relationships among individuals, between cultural groups and in every area of society.


Members of the Movement include Christians of different Churches and ecclesial communities, members of the major world religions and people of no particular religious belief. Each one adheres to the Movement’s goal and spirit, while faithfully following the precepts of their own faith and conscience. 


The community

At the heart of the movement are small communities of men and women who consecrate their lives to God with vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and live in separate households called “focolares”.

Married people are also members of these communities, while remaining in their families and being faithful to their commitment to marriage. They too make the same radical choice of the Gospel and offer their lives to bring unity in the world.

Multilingual Group

Peter Wang

Church of the Holy Name of Mary is a Roman Catholic Church situated at Permatang Tinggi. Our mission is to share the Good News of the Kingdom of God to everyone.